What We Do

  • Site Characterization & Mitigation

    Our team thoroughly understands the process of developing an understanding of the geologic, hydrologic and engineering properties at a site, including the soil, rock, along with groundwater and conditions in the subsurface, such as utilities, structures, mines or tunnels. This includes assessment of contaminants when present. In addition, we offset known impacts to existing historic or natural resources, such as a stream, wetland, endangered species, or archeological site.

  • Remedial Design & Actions

    LDS partners with clients to design specifications for cleanup remedies and technologies, and then implement remedial action following the design phase. This can involve actual construction or implementation phases of Superfund site cleanup.

  • Radiological Surveys

    Our team works with clients to plan, implement, and evaluate environmental and facility radiological surveys conducted to demonstrate compliance with a dose- or risk-based regulation. Our focus is on compliance during the final status survey following scoping, characterization, and any necessary remedial actions.

  • Demolition, Environmental & Levee Repair

    The LDS team understands the science and engineering in safely and efficiently tearing down buildings and other structures. This can sometimes include environmental treatment of chemical, biological, or thermal wastes, purification of water and air, and remediation of contaminated sites. Our experts also provide thorough periodic inspections and evaluations on levees conditions and threats; maintaining and repairing levees to sustain integrity and reduce flood risk; maintaining levees to protect, restore, and enhance environmental resources, and supporting environmentally-compatible improvements, to minimize costs to operate and maintain a flood control system

  • Restoration

    LDS’ team of experienced professionals work to recover ecosystems that have been degraded, damaged, or destroyed.

“The Management team was far and above exceptional with this project.”

   “They knocked the project schedule out of the park!”

                                                                           – Client feedback

Leisnoi Diversified Services, LLC (LDS) is owned by Tuyuq, LLC, a company that is 100% Alaska Native-owned by Leisnoi, Incorporated. LDS’ experienced team offers a range of general construction, & environmental restoration & remediation services. We partner with clients to achieve their goals, & ensure their success.

Leisnoi Inc. is an Alaska Native Corporation, with a mission to provide long-term benefits to Shareholders, preserve the Alutiiq culture, & manage it’s resources responsibly. All companies in the Leisnoi Family of Companies are US-Citizen owned.

Bolles Canal Project

Restoration Strategies, G-341 Bolles Canal Conveyance for South Florida Water Management District.

Mississippi Phosphates Project

Leisnoi Diversified Service’s (LDS’s) partner KEMRON was awarded a task order for the remediation of the former Mississippi Phosphates Corporation.