LDS’ JV partner KEMRON recently broke ground on the installation of the Jet Farm Bridge. Construction of the bridge is an extension of their work for the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) on Bolles Canal. KEMRON recently completed the widening of over three miles of Bolles Canal, during which the original bridge was removed. The Jet Farm Bridge installation involves widening a section of Bolles Canal at the crossing, fabrication of the 90-foot long steel span, construction of footers and placement of the structure.

KEMRON was recently awarded an additional fixed-price task order for the construction of the Phase 1A cap, which focuses on the closure of the western slope of the East Gypsum Stack (EGS). Closure activities include grading of side slopes, benching, and installation of the downslope channels; and placing geomembrane cover; access road construction (~3200 LF); and temporary storm drainage culvert installation

LDS supported the project with laborers, equipment operators and truck drivers.